1st World Championship in Restaurant Sport

1st World Championship

in Restaurant Sport

Participate in the World Cup

of restaurant sport




When the qualification round passes, each member of the team performs an individual competitive task. The chef presents three dishes that maximally reflect the characteristics of the home region. The waiter needs to pass a written test of 30 questions and a technical task for table layout for speed. Sommelier must pass a written test of 30 questions, as well as pass a "blind" tasting of wine and spirits.


The chef needs to prepare 2 classic dishes on a given topic. The waiter needs to make a cover with the addition of elements and attributes corresponding to this topic. The sommelier must choose a wine accompaniment, or accompaniment, which he considers appropriate cooked dishes (aperitif and one accompaniment to each dish).

The final

The chef should develop a menu for 4 feeds from an arbitrary set of products

(1 cold snack, 1 hot appetizer, 1 main course, 1 dessert).

The task of the waiter is to prepare the serving, make a cover and serve the "guests." The task of the sommelier is to choose wine accompaniment

from 3 items, as well as non-alcoholic accompaniment of the meal to the menu.

The venue of the World Cup WFRS 2018

Great Qin Restaurant

The largest restaurant

of Chinese cuisine in Europe

The venue of the World Cup WFRS 2018



Great Qin Restaurant

The area the restaurant is  about 6 thousand square meters and it is designed for a minimum of 600 seats, that makes it possible to talk about the restaurant as  the largest Chinese restaurant in Europe. Main dining room, a bar and a large stage are situated on the ground floor. On the first floor there are several large tables, three carved pavilions, stylized for wagons designed for small companies, and a separate room for conferences and banquets. A large part of the third and fourth floors is occupied by compact halls with sofas, soft carpets, traditional calligraphy on the walls and national costumes on hangers.

Own parking


Championship Tickets

All you need to know about the the World Cup WFRS 2018 tickets.


Information about tickets in the sale will appear later.


None of the World Championships can do without the enormous contribution of volunteers. It is the volunteers who provide the most important support in a variety of operational areas, and their friendliness and fun create a fantastic atmosphere at the tournament.

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