Bulgaria 2020

Written by Alelx Rabinovich

Regulations of the world Championship WFRS 2020
1. Generalities
The event "world championship WSRS 2020" (hereinafter the event) is held for teams - representatives of restaurants of the participating countries, admitted to these competitions. ( 12 teams according to the quotas of the Bulgarian team at the mandatory quota) . The event consists of the qualifying stage and the Final.
For 3 days of the world Cup competitions are held qualifying competitions for reaching the Final ( every day for 6 teams ).

1st stage qualifying competitions 2 days (6 teams reach the Final).
Stage 2 final competition (determining the Winner).

Goals and objectives:
The event is held to promote restaurant sports on the world stage, improve the culture of leisure and strengthen international relations.
Main objectives of the event:
- promotion of catering sport, hospitality and security as the evaluation criteria restaurants;
- promotion of healthy lifestyles through the right approach to nutrition;
- improving the quality of restaurant service;
- drawing attention to the professions of the sphere of activity of restaurants.

2. Organizer of competitions̆
General management of the organization and conduct of the competition is carried out by the world Federation of restaurant sports WFRS.
The direct organization and holding of the competition rests with the Bulgarian Federation of restaurant sports BGFRS and the main panel of judges ( Exclusively members of WACS ).

Place and dates.

Competitions are held in the period from ______ 2020 in Bulgaria on the territory of the Restaurant or event space.


Teams from countries defined by the relevant regulations are allowed to compete.
12 teams from 12 countries - 1 quota is given to the Bulgarian team.
The number of teams eligible to participate in the event is also determined by the number of quotas corresponding to the provision. The composition of each team, regardless of the country, consists of 3 (three) people: chef, waiter, sommelier-bartender .Seniority and place of work are not taken into account and do not matter(participants represent their country).
All team members must have:
- the document proving the identity;
- accident insurance contract (default).

4. Competition program̆
Qualifying stage (qualifying competitions for reaching the final).
When passing the qualifying stage of the competition, each team member performs an individual competitive task.
The chef needs to prepare 2 dishes (cold and hot) in 45 minutes, All the main ingredients are provided by the organizers in equal conditions for all participating teams).Information about the range of the food basket and the tasks for the 1st round of the competition is given to participants 22 hours before the competition.
The use of any ingredients brought by participants without restrictions is permitted.
The chef determines the style of serving and coordinates the actions of other team members.The task presentation should take 5 minutes. The presentation is evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of 5 people.
Refereeing on a 5-point scale for each judge.Outcome measures: the integrity of the presentation, the cooking time, the concept of the dishes, the taste of the dishes, filing and serving the aesthetic.
The waiter will perform the technical task, which includes: serving at the speed of the table for 6 persons (additional accessories for serving brought by participants are not limited in number and volume).
Utensils if desired, used by teams their own.In its absence, provided by the organizers (warning at least 30 days).
Sommelier should prepare a presentation of 1 bottle of wine.
6 beverage bottles, the participating team can bring myself in competition (in the qualifying round and final competition).

The second stage is the Final. The chef is given the task to cook for 1 hour 2 dishes on a free theme. Products are defined in advance by the Commission to the world Cup.The chef will present the prepared dishes to the Commission. Availability of the required products is provided by the organizing Committee of the world Cup.
Additional ingredients brought by the team are not limited (including original dishes).
The waiter must be covered for 6 persons with the addition of elements and attributes corresponding to this orientation. Present these dishes to the Commission. The Commission evaluates the classic methods of work, the originality of the cover and the use of elements that emphasize the tradition of this direction, as well as the information part, the presentation of dishes, the accuracy of the presentation of the Chef and the waiter is important.
Sommeliers need to choose the wine accompaniment, or the accompaniment, which he or she considers appropriate of cooking.

Teams participating in the world Cup are not forbidden to have with them any additional spices,accessories, etc.
From the start to the start of the service should take no more than 1 - hour.

5.Determination of winners̆
The results of the competition are summed up in accordance with the Rules of the competition in restaurant sports WFRS.
• qualification results are not taken into account when admitting to the main stage of the Final
• final results are ranked by time
• in case of the same results, the winners of the main stage who have the same results in the qualifying stage, a short super Final is held between them.

6. Rewarding
The Winning team Representative of the State is awarded the transferable WFRS Cup for storage until the date of 30 days before the start of the next world Cup (a contract for storage with full liability).The Cup is engraved with the country, the name of the winner's restaurant. The winning team receives the winner's Cup - jewelry.Winners and prize-winners of the event are awarded with certificates of WFRS.All participating teams (belonging to the General Manager of the team) receive the star Rating of the IRC restaurant for a period of 1 year. Additionally, valuable prizes from the sponsors of the competition are awarded.

7. Ensuring the safety of participants and spectators.
Safety of participants and spectators is provided by the organizing Committee of the event. Competitions are held in a restaurant that meets the requirements of the relevant regulations in force on the territory of Bulgaria and aimed at ensuring public order and safety of participants and spectators, as well as subject to the availability of the act of readiness of the site for the event, approved in the prescribed manner.

3 professional judges,the judge of the counting Commission and 1 honorary judge are declared.

President of WFRS Alex Rabinovich