World Federation of the Restaurant Sport

The World Federation of the Restaurant Sport is an international organization that oversees the issues of restaurant sports around the world. The WFRS was founded on June 10, 2017. The headquarters is  in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The official languages are English and Russian.

WFRS management

Alex Rabinovich

WFRS President

Alex Levner

1st Vice-President of WFRS


  • management, development and promotion of restaurant sport around the world;
  • improvement and control of international restaurant sport all over the world;
  • promoting the development of friendly relations between national associations of Member States of the World Federation;
  • organized work for the benefit of sport.


  • conduct business in accordance with the charter, regulations and rules of the World Federation;
  • accept and monitor compliance with international rules of the game;
  • streamline relations with the media, sponsors, license rights, advertising and merchandising associated with the competitions in restaurant sport.


The promotion of the World Federation of the Restaurant Sport is implemented in cooperation with organizations:

  • UN WTO, World Tourism Organisation of the United Nations
  • IATA, International Air Transport Association
  • UFTAA, United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations
  • IH&RA, International Hotel and Restaurant Association
  • АSТА, American Society of Tourist Agents
  • PАТА, Pacific Asia Tourism Association
  • МАPА, International Air Passengers Association
  • ICCA,  International Congress and Convention Association