2nd Congress World Federation of Restaurant Sports

June 20 is expected to consider applications for the WFRS 2019

1st World Championship on restaurant sports has come to the end!

8-10 June 2018 in St. Petersburg was the first world champion in restaurant sport WFRS 2018.

Solemn closing of the WFRS 2018 Championship

On June 10 the first world champions will be announced and the Cup will be awarded.

Finals of the World CUP in Restaurant Sports WFRS 2018

The final teams were Israel, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

General partners

The rating of the spiritual heritage of mankind is intended to assess the quality of the  functioning in the preservation of the spiritual heritage of all mankind.

The main tasks of SH Rating  are revival and establishment of the hospitality culture in general. Due to the culture of hospitality general idea of each country formed on the world stage.

1st World Championship in Restaurant Sport

The WFRS Congress decided to hold the 1st World Championship in Restaurant Sports on June 8-10, 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia.



By the decision of the WFRS, the right to conduct and organize the preparation of the World Cup WFRS 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia was granted to "Agency R" LTD, St. Petersburg, Russia.